06/16/17 - Romans 3

June 16, 2017

There is no one who understands; there is no one who seeks God. Romans 3:11

God created man to pursue His mind & heart, but we instead pursue our own desires -- use TODAY as an experiment, what would it look like if I pursued God's thoughts & passions today?

As an employee, I always wanted my manager or boss to trust me.  Somehow it is inherently clear that if your authority trusts you, then you will have the freedom to do what you want.  However, it took me years to realize that the REASON leaders don’t trust their people is BECAUSE they want to do what they want.  Managers and Owners aren’t looking for us to do what WE want, they are looking for us to do what THEY want!

That’s when I discovered a great secret to organizational success – stop trying to do what WE want, and learn more about what the Manager Wants!  It’s so simple, but the more I started to think and work like they wanted, the more trust they showed in me.  (And I have found that true in managing people too --- the more they understand my thinking, the more I trust them as well!)

God says the same thing to us!  He’s looking for people who are trustworthy … but the way you and I become trustworthy is to constantly seek what HE wants, to learn the way HE thinks, to act the way HE acts.  The more we seek to know and understand God, the more He entrusts to us. Imagine what great things God may entrust to us if we just started seeking His thoughts!

Unfortunately, we know what Paul says is true – there isn’t a man alive who always seeks what God wants, or wants to know the mind of God.  If we had a person like that, it would change the world, and give us a model to follow.  How Great to know we HAVE A PERSON LIKE THAT!  His Name is Jesus!  By knowing more about what Jesus says and does, and learning how to think and live like Jesus, God can entrust us with more of His character and activity. 

So here is an experiment to try.  Take today and try to fully pursue God’s thoughts & passions – even for a single day.  If you know something you are doing is a sin, stop it.  If you know there is someone He wants you to forgive, or mend a relationship, or show kindness to, do it.  Whatever God has told you to do, do it.  Take one day and Pursue His Mind – learn from His Word, have conversations with Him in prayer, discover again what His thoughts are.  And see what He tells you.

Then try it again another day, and then two, and then a week, and keep working on becoming a person who seeks after God’s heart.  Watch what happens in your life when His thoughts start becoming your thoughts!  Much like any other authority, you will find God entrusting you with more.

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