12/22/17 - Rev 17

Dec 22, 2017

They will wage war against the Lamb, but the Lamb will triumph over them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings-and with him will be his called, chosen and faithful followers.   Rev 17:14

In the end we will either be fighting with Jesus or fighting Jesus---choose your side carefully.

The last war between satan and Jesus is really not much of a battle.  In truth, the WHOLE war between them is not much of a battle, even though the duration seems long to us. 

I think of a scene many years ago when a little 3 year old boy got mad at me and wanted to punch at me.  He was upset that he lost a game of Candyland, and wanted to take his aggression out on me.  Unfortunately for him, my arms were about twice as long as his, and my strength & size were way more as well, so all he could do was flail his arms at me, missing every punch.  If I had really wanted to, that fight could have ended in one swing.  (I chose to be meek in that situation and not respond.)  Finally, he gave up and I hugged him --- and the fight was over.

The fight of good and evil seems to be so challenging to us – and we often think evil is getting its punches in.  But in reality, God is just holding evil at bay for as long as He wants to.  So satan swings at us instead of God, and once in a while evil connects.  But God is always in complete control.

In the last days, evil will try one last time to throw everything it can at God.  But since nothing is bigger or stronger or more powerful than God, it will be an instant defeat.  God won’t even break a sweat.  One blow is all it will take. 

But notice the final part of this verse – at the end of that short battle, the faithful followers are left.  Jesus will stand with all who gave their lives to serve in His army.  And we won’t lift a sword or pick up a stone … Jesus will do the fighting and will triumph completely.  We’ll just be the witnesses.

That’s a word for us today – the struggles we have, the pain we face, the hurts we feel, the problems we are enduring – Jesus will be the victor.  We just need to choose to stay on His side.

When it feels like everyone else is enjoying themselves and you’re the one suffering, remember that last battle.  Don’t be impressed with a bunch of empty swings … stand with the faithful.  When Jesus is ready, He will say “enough” and the victory will be complete!

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