12/27/17 - Rev 19

Dec 27, 2017

At this I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, "Don't do that! .. Worship God!"  Rev 19:10

Don't worship Christmas, family, life--only worship Jesus! Everything else is idolatry.

What do you say you love?

The phrase is used so often, we’ve lost much of its true meaning.  People love everything.  We love coffee.  We love chocolate.  We love Disney.  We love reading.  We love our new car.  We love that outfit.  We love country music. (Okay – that was going too far!)

If you’re like me, it probably is used in your language way too much.

This time of year, it’s used even more.  We love Christmas.  We love time with family.  We love being off from work and school.  We love just about everything that comes along.  It kind of diminishes the sentiment when we tell our spouse or kids that we love them too.  Or when we tell God we love Him. 

In this amazing final scene of John’s revelation, he is overwhelmed by the worship & celebration of heaven.  It is by FAR the best moment John has ever witnessed (after all, John wasn’t there to witness the resurrection).  Like a “love” fest, John just wants to get involved in the worship, and the Angel (maybe Angel Gabriel) who is the messenger that’s been showing John the story is standing there.  John falls to his face to honor the story-teller, but the angel will have NONE OF IT.  “Love God – don’t love me!”  The angel doesn’t want John to make ANYTHING BUT GOD the target of his love and worship.

This scene shows the danger of our hearts to make an idol out of anything – including an angel in heaven.  We are so driven to love someone or something, that we’ll pick anything pleasing to us.  How ironic (and sad) that idolatry was seen in the 3rd Chapter of Genesis, and still is the temptation in the 3rd to last Chapter of Revelation.  It’s still a problem for us – and needs to be stopped.

Maybe it’s time to take back the love.  Reserve it for Jesus.  Show your love for Jesus by GIVING love to your spouse and kids and family.  But truly love God alone. 

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