12/28/17 - Rev 20

Dec 28, 2017

Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.   Rev 20:15

Judgment is simple---everything is reviewed, actions are rewarded, and those who accepted Jesus as Lord enter heaven. So make Him Lord today!

There are many “books” in the Judgment Records.  God is an excellent recorder.

-          You know the Book of the Law.  God’s word is recorded and the base of all judgment.

-          There is the Book of Works.  Every single good work or kind thought is recorded.

-          There is the Book of Tears.  God records every tear we ever shed.

-          There is the Book of Sacrifice.   God knows every contribution of service and support we make.

-          There is the Book of Words.  He keeps an account of every word (good, bad, broken, fulfilled).

-          There is also a Book of Praise. He remembers all of our praises and worship.

-          Finally, there is the Book of Life.  It records who chose to make Jesus their Lord.

Most of the time, people subliminally think that having their name in any of the books is all that’s needed.  Anyone who did not surrender their life to Jesus is counting on the Book of Works to qualify them for heaven.  Others who suffered are counting on the Book of Tears to support their entrance.  All of those books are valuable to God, and recognized by God.

But the only book that grants eternal life is the Book of Life.  God writes the name of every soul in the book.  But the ink of ONE SIN can blot out our name, and only the blood of Jesus is capable of washing the ink off the page.  It only takes ONE SIN to be found unholy.  It takes the death of a Savior to fix it. 

Scripture says anyone not found written in the book will NOT be granted entrance to heaven.  God truly cares about every single tear.  He rewards well every good work.  He appreciates our encouraging words and testimonies about Him.  He honors our sacrifice.  But unless we come under the saving blood of Jesus, all of those credits mean nothing.

I’m especially grateful God ‘keeps no record of wrong’.  Love doesn’t do that.  We joke (and worry) that a DVD of all our sins is being recorded in heaven.  That’s actually being recorded by our accuser.  But God chose to cast that recording far away – as far as the East is from the West.  What He cares about is our commitment to His Son.

Granted – surrendering our life to Jesus should ENHANCE our record in all of the other books, and reduce the record in satan’s journal.  But that doesn’t begin until we start with the Book of Life. 

Are you in there?

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