12/29/17 - Rev 21-22

Dec 29, 2017

I am coming soon!  My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done.  Rev 22:12 

Whatever we made our Lord on earth will be our reward in eternity --- so don’t worship the world, serve the Lord.

One of our mission activities is a fantastic group of people in Honduras, supported by Lifeline Christian Missions.  They have been close to our heart for years, and we have been greatly blessed to work with them.  One year, I was headed down for a training mission trip and they wanted a car part for a failing vehicle (parts are expensive and nearly impossible to get in many countries).  One asked if I would ship it down early, and I tried to find out how to effectively do it.  But with risks and costs, it just wasn’t a guarantee the part would ever arrive.  They wanted the part immediately, but it was smarter for me to bring it with me.

The same goes for Jesus and His believers.  Many times, we want the reward NOW – but Jesus is bringing it with Him.  

When we do good things, or live in obedience, or become disciplined in our Spiritual walk, it’s normal to start thinking God would reward us.  And many times, He does.  There is a blessing attached to obedience in the natural order of His creation.  But not always.  Obedience is not a cure-all for life’s problems.  Devoted followers still contract illnesses.  Disciples still suffer.  In our humanness, we want God to reward us, but Jesus reminds us that the reward is coming when He comes.

Friends, God’s reward for us is TOO BIG for earth to handle.  His reward doesn’t fit inside a luggage travel bag.  It is so big that Jesus Himself must handle it.  The reward is so precious that it takes special care.  And it takes proper administration, so only God’s Son is entrusted with it.  And God has it already planned for YOU!

As hard as it is, be thankful for God’s timing.  Wait for the eternal reward, and stay focused on the work. Your reward is coming VERY soon!!!

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