07/09/18 - 1Cor 2

July 09, 2018

My message & preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit's power..  1 Cor 2:4 

People don't surrender to Christ based on our knowledge or arguments, they come based on experiencing His power.

Some will think this is weird … but I like salt on my watermelon.

My wife and family tease me every time.  I’ve heard it from others, who think it’s crazy to damage the sweet flavor of juicy fruit with a dash of salt.  Nothing I say or do convinces them differently, and nothing they say or do stops me from liking it (well --- except for the doctor’s advice to reduce the salt intake in my diet).   So in spite of the objections, I dash on some salt and enjoy the contrasting flavors!

Here’s the funny thing:  when I was a kid, one of my family started putting salt on their watermelon, and I thought it was crazy!  Along with the rest of the family, I ridiculed their decision, and argued against it.  That is … until I finally tried it for myself.  WOW!  The combination of sweet & salty was like a taste explosion in my mouth!  It wasn’t the persuasion or the logic that convinced me … it was the power of a good taste in my mouth that changed me forever.

Many Christians try to use arguments and logic to sway people into belief, but that seldom works!  In fact, most apologetics will tell you that their arguments seldom convinced the unbeliever to change.  Apologetics work better to strengthen the faith of the believer, and help the doubter overcome their struggles.  But they don’t convert the unbeliever.

What DOES work for the unbeliever is a taste of the power of God.  When our words are combined with God’s power, it becomes salt & sweetness in our mouths, and can impact our lives forever.  So before sharing your gems of intelligence, watch for an opportunity to serve.  Before trying to convince, look for a willingness to taste.  Then when you share your salt and sweetness of God, they will taste the power of God as well.

I doubt many people reading this will change their minds about salt on watermelon (my family hasn’t changed their minds for decades!)  But maybe it will change our approach in sharing the message of Jesus with others.  Don’t expect people to be convinced by our fancy arguments, look for a way to be salt & light in their lives.  Allow the power of God to be the convincing element … and then they will be receptive to the logic.

And while you’re at it … be receptive to a little salt in your life as well.

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