06/08/18 - Acts 25

June 8, 2018

Paul said: “If I am guilty of doing anything deserving death, I do not refuse to die.”  Acts25:11

Dieing for a conviction is far better than living without one.

As Paul faced the trials of Festus & Agrippa, he was being threatened constantly with capital punishment for standing on his convictions about Jesus.  The Romans didn’t really have a problem with that (yet), but the Jews saw Paul as a threat to their country and their control.  Through the interrogations, Roman leaders would look for a bribe or a compromise to get rid of the problem, but Paul would not compromise his convictions, even if it meant death.

When you know what you are willing to die for, you have found what you actually live for.  Whatever you are willing to die over is the object of your worship.  Paul demonstrated his conviction to die for His faith, and that was a powerful testimony to everyone of how committed he was to Jesus.

Yet many people are less committed to Jesus, and more committed to their own personal safety.  Fear of the unknown keeps followers from taking a mission trip, holding back on giving radically, delay serving in a ministry, or inviting a friend to church.  It is also fear that keeps people from forgiving a hurt or sharing compassion for a need.  These are people who would rather live without a complete conviction, and find themselves compromising through life instead of living a holy life.

If you wrote out a short list of the things you were willing to die for, what would it contain?  Maybe take some time to consider that question and draw some convictions out of it.  Find out what you are willing to die for, and you’ll discover what you’re living for.  If it needs changed, then start making changes in your convictions.

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